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In this video, I take a look at how to make a few changes to a treatment page to make that work harder for you.

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Timely contacted me about a month ago to see if I would take a look at their online booking system. I did and here's my video review.

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In this video, I show you how changing a few words can make an impact on your beauty salon website content, which Google can identify using basic SEO.
Facebook Followers

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I had an email yesterday from Francesca, who owns a beauty salon in Middlesex UK. How much should I be paying for Facebook, Twitter, Marketing, etc.?

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This is the first in a series of videos following me optimise a website for a beauty salon in Northern Ireland - Loading Google Analytics to measure SEO.
beauty salon newsletters

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I've wanted to do a printed newsletter for the salons for some time now and recently started. I was keen to see if it was worth it. Here's my thoughts.
iPhone Salon User

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I've wanted an iPhone App for our beauty salon for about three years now, but is it worth spending the money? Let me explain how and why it is.
salon computer software

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Computer software for beauty salons add massive value to the day-to-day running and success of the salon. But choosing the right one can be a minefield.
good salon facebook posts

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Do you regularly post to your Salon Facebook Page without any response from clients? It may not be so surprising if you think about your page from the clients point of view.
number one marketing tip for salons

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Too many people are looking for quick fix marketing solutions for their salon. But, there are no shortcuts. So, what's the most important thing to focus on?